Biodegradeable Refill Rings


Replace The Biodegradeble Refill Ring About Once A Month… And That’s It!

Trade in your traditional plastic garbage bags for our durable 100% Biodegradeable trash bags, made with HDPE polyethylene & biodegradation technology, which is better for the environment.


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At Townew We Are Striving For A Cleaner World

Durable Biodegradeable Trash Bag Refills, just replace the refill ring when necessary …. that’s it!

Our 100% biodegradable refill rings and trash bags are made from HDPE polyethylene and biodegradation technology. The Townew rings quickly and completely decompose into carbon dioxide & water under the combined action of oxygen, light and microorganisms.

The oxidative degradation agents meet many international standards, our degradation agent has been certified by the Biodegradable Plastics Association and is internationally recognized, meeting national implementation standards. Our biodegradable refill rings are created in a beautiful Modern Oak colour, bring the great outdoors inside and enjoy the vitality of nature.


Removable Refill Rings: Each Refill Ring contains up to 25  durable trash bags, each lasting approximately one month.

Advanced Sealing Technology: Designed to be moisture and water resistant, seals the trash bag inside to guarantee no spilling or exposure to any unpleasant odours.

Biodegradeable Bags & Refill Rings: Made of HDPE polyethylene and biodegradation technology, 100% biodegradable. Our rings quickly & completely decompose into carbon dioxide and water, under the combined action of oxygen, light and microorganisms.

What's In The Box

3 Or 6 TOWNEW Official Biodegradeable Refill Rings


Compatible With: TOWNEW Trash Can

Ring Colour: Modern Oak

Material: Recyclable Polypropylene Plastic (PE) Containing Oxidative Degradation Agent

Product Weight: 139 Grams / 5 oz

Product Size: 20.4 x 20.4 x 3.3 cm / 8.05 x 8.05 x 1.3″

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